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Everything You Need for Your Wedding Day Details Photo

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

wedding day details photo flatlay
Photo by Abbey Rice Photo

On the morning of your wedding, your photographer will capture what is called a "details photo." This is a curated collection of personal and sentimental items that you will have with you on wedding day. The items that you choose to include in this photo will differ person to person, but there are a handful of things that most everyone has in this shot!

We all know that there are a million and one things to remember on wedding day, and the last thing you want to be doing is gathering these important items before you leave to get your hair and makeup done. So, we highly recommend that you collect these items in advance and have them in a box for your planner/photographer to set out when he or she arrives.

To make things as simple and stress-free as possible, we have written out a list of the most popular/important items to include in a details photo. Remember, this list is completely customizable! Some items may be more important than others to different people, and there may be items that are not on this list at all that you want to bring. But, as a general rule, here is everything you need for your wedding day details photo!

black and white wedding details photo
Photo by Hayley Dolson Photography


  1. Veil. Some photographers like to place the veil below the rest of the items or artistically drape it around the items. Either way, this is a great touch to your details photo!

  2. Shoes. You have to include your wedding shoes! If you are still on the hunt for the perfect wedding day heel, check out our list of the ultimate wedding day shoes for the bride.

  3. Jewelry. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, and don't forget the rings! It is always nice to include both the bride's rings and the groom's ring, so be sure to grab this from the groom in advance if you aren't getting ready at the same location.

  4. Ring box(es). Along those same lines, you should bring a ring box for the engagement ring and wedding band. We highly recommend a velvet box that matches your color palette like these!

  5. Hanger for bridal gown. Your photographer may or may not include your bridal gown in the details photo, but either way, he/she will want to take some nice photos of the dress! We recommend a nice hanger (custom is always great) for the dress instead of a regular plastic or wire hanger.

  6. Perfume and cologne. If you and your future spouse have specific scents that you are wearing on wedding day, include them in your details photo!

  7. Watch or cuff links. If the groom is wearing a special watch or cuff links, feel free to include it in the details photo box.

  8. Vow books. For those of you who are writing your own vows (whether they be private vows or ceremony vows), write them in nice vow books like these and include them in the photo!

  9. Print design items. This would include an invitation suite, a program, and any other special items such as a wax seal/wax seal stamp, antique stamps, or your save the dates.

  10. Special family heirlooms. If there is a special family heirloom that you are using as your "something borrowed," it might be nice to include it in your details photo!

Bonus: Ask your florist to bring a few extra blooms/greenery stems for the photo! This brings a beautiful, very artistic element to your details photo and can highlight your color palette/overall aesthetic nicely.

wedding day details flatlay photo
Photo by Ashia Mosley Photography

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